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Rules around here

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Rules around here

Post by Kringle on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:24 am

. Be good enough as to not use pornographic names, nicknames, etc.
2. Do not, I repeat, do NOT upload sexually contaminated pictures.
3. Upload your real picture on your risk.
4. Do not give your passwords and emails to others.

Creating a new topic and replying to a topic:

1. Make a topic that has sense unless you are to post it in General Discussion.
2. Never harass or insult any member in this forum when posting or replying.
3. Make sure your signature won't be a pain. (Too long)
4. No saying heavy profanity. (Applied to all parts of the forum)
5. Love your members as brothers and sisters with courteousness to follow.


1. Spamming words are considered as "Lol", "Rofl", etc. without any more words after it. (E.G. Topic: DN tournament, Reply: Lol.)
2. Single emoticon replies are also not allowed
3. Short and senseless replies are dumb, so delete it because you'll look stupid.


1. No talking behind others' backs.
2. Respect one another.


1. When challenging a player, be kind.
2. Don't take it seriously.
3. When you want to war against another forum, inform me or other administrators. (Admins are the only ones allowed to allow wars)

1. not doing hw is a warning then a ban
2. homework cannot be assigned to testers/mods/admins
3. Not turning in homework counts as late and not in it is also a warning


Suspension: 3rd and 4th offense (Suspension depends on me or the one you violated against)
Ban: Includes tracking of email and permanent ban
Warning: After second warning is a ban (first if sever)

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